Important Community Notice


June 1, 2023


Dear community members,


As you likely know, the need for food support in Victoria has grown significantly. The Shelbourne Community Kitchen’s programs, staff, and volunteers are working at 150% because we are helping more people now than we ever have before. 


This important notice is to inform the greater community that the Shelbourne Community Kitchen is currently over capacity and will not be registering new participants for our programs effective June 1st, and until further notice.  


We have compiled a FAQ section below and hope that it will be helpful in answering any questions you may have. 


Thank you for your understanding on this matter. 


In community spirit,


-The Board of Directors



Frequently Asked Questions Section


Are you taking a wait list?

  • No. We do not have the resources to manage a wait list.

What other food resources are available for people?

  • See our Alternative Food Resources sheet available on our website and in hardcopy at the Shelbourne Community Kitchen. 
  • If you know of additional resources that we could add to our list, please let us know!

When will you start accepting new participants for programs again and how will you let the community know?

  • We do not have a target date at this time. 
  • We will let the community know through multiple channels, including: member emails, social media, website, and on our voicemail. We will also inform our partners and referral network.

I am currently registered and accessing services at The Kitchen. How will this change impact me? 


  • This change will not impact the services available to individuals who are already registered as members of The Kitchen.
  • If you have accessed our services before, you are a member of The Kitchen.
  • This pause in new participants will allow us to continue the programs we provide to our present participants.