Programs during Renovations


Phase 2 Renovations Update:  December 21, 2023

Dear Shelbourne Community Kitchen Members,

With our building permit approved and funding now secured, it’s time to build our long-awaited commercial kitchen!

As announced in our previous member email, Phase 2 renovations will begin this January, 2024.  This exciting renovation project will include:

  • Building a commercial kitchen and dining area in the main room.
  • Conducting a number of accessibility upgrades, including the washrooms, main entrance railings and pathway, and workstations.
  • Adapting the Pantry Program room, offices and meeting space for improved efficiency.
  • Expanding the existing walk-in cooler, adding a walk-in freezer, and improving lighting in food storage.
  • Installing additional fire suppression, HVAC, and air conditioning.

As you can see from the outline above, the project will encompass all areas of our facility. This means that we will not be able to offer services from our own space until renovations are complete.  At this time, we anticipate that renovations will take approximately 4-5 months to complete (Jan-May).

Staying connected and providing food support for our members during the renovations is our top priority. Our request to use space at Lutheran Church of the Cross in order to run adapted Pantry Program services between January.- May 2024 has been granted with much gratitude from all of us at the Shelbourne Community Kitchen.


Here is what you need to know about our upcoming renovations timeline and adapted services. Please read carefully:

  • February, March, April: Renovation Hours & Services continue in the Upper Hall at Lutheran Church of the Cross
    • Hours of Operation: 2 days/week Wednesdays 12pm-5pm & Fridays 10am-3pm. No end of month closures.
    • Services Available: Monthly Grocery Program access resumes with adapted offerings. Voucher Program access continues unchanged. Delivery available 1x week (schedule to be announced). Monthly meal kit distribution.
  • April-May two weeks before Grand Re-Opening (dates to be confirmed). Full Closure. Zero programs and services available. Voicemails will not be answered during this time.
  • May Grand Re-Opening, date to be announced. Return to full services!

Banyan Group Construction will be managing Phase 2 renovations and we are deeply grateful for their ongoing leadership and expertise.

Our team will send regular updates about the project, timeline, and any changes to services as we go through the process. You will also be able to find up to date information on our website, voicemail and on our social media channels.

Thank you to all of our amazing volunteers, donors, sponsors and funders, who have supported this project in so many ways! We want to send a big thank you to our Board Chair, Clarice Dillman, our Board, and our hardworking team, who have been working to get us to this point for nearly three years!

We are so excited to get cooking together soon!

In community spirit,


-The Kitchen Team


(250) 590-0980

Shelbourne Community Kitchen Society


Phase 2 Renovations: Frequently Asked Questions

December 21, 2023


How long will The Kitchen be closed?

  • The Kitchen will be fully closed and offering zero services between December 22nd, 2023 and January 16th, 2024 inclusive. Renovation hours will begin on January 17th.

Where can I get my groceries during this time?

  • There is a list of other food distribution services available on our website, under the Programs menu and Resources tab.

Will I get the same amount of groceries or will the amounts change?

  • Between January 17th-January 30th no groceries will be available, but a $50 grocery gift card will be provided for each participant that accesses services. We will return to monthly, self-select Grocery Program services for February -April. We will work to keep the quantity of food as consistent to current services as possible.

Will I still get to choose my groceries?  Yes.

Will grocery gift cards still be given out to new members?

  • The Voucher Program will remain unchanged throughout the renovations period. If you are on the waitlist for the voucher program, we will contact you once a space becomes available.

Will new members continue to be accepted during this time?

  • We will continue to register new members during the renovations.

Can I still phone in my order?

  • Yes! Our number will not change (250) 590-0980. Please note that voicemails will not be answered outside of hours of operations.

Will there still be delivery service for those who are living with chronic illness and/or mobility barriers?

  • At this time, we are planning to offer delivery once a week. Stay tuned for details and updates.

Where will the commercial kitchen be located?

  • In the main room of the Shelbourne Community Kitchen, where you often see volunteers portioning food.

Will I still be able to volunteer during the renovations phase?

  • Our volunteer needs and scheduling will change significantly over the next few months, but we look forward to staying in touch and working together as much as possible. Please stay tuned for volunteer opportunities!